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† ~ I'm Fuyumi Clarice Winnston, and well... I've sort of moved recently to the city. I'm not that great with big cities, but I can at least try can I?

† ~ Besides I've always been an eager adventurer, so being here shouldn't bother me too much, even though the country is so much better than a City any day.

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My friend was walking and found this Godzilla toy in the Trash so he put a shirt on it, named him John, and then took him out to T.G.I. Fridays and then dinner was on John. 

sorasunshine asked: ""Hello there!" Sora said, a grin appearing on his face."




"Uh… Hello there to you too…?" Fuyumi replied, unsure of how to feel entirely by this person’s sudden appearance.


"Strange..? Strange in how so? Cause the only thing I see that’s strange around here is the amount of violence that occurs… and your getup.."

"Hm…well, I guess, strange like-" Sora let out a long sigh. "-smallblackcreatureswithglowingyelloweyes thatattackpeople?"


He then chuckled nervously. “I know it sounds crazy…”

"I’m afraid I haven’t seen anything of that sort wandering around here… Sorry if that wasn’t of any help."

"Though truth be told, it doesn’t sound that crazy…"

[[ Watching the Original Friday the 13th while working on replies for two accounts.

I know I owe quite a few and I 100% owe Sora-mun one, so that’s the top one on the list :’D ]]

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"It’s not that amazing, Matt. It’s decent, not amazing.”


"Trust me, Fuyumi, compared to the shit I usually eat, your cooking is wonderful.

"Awww, that’s rather sweet of you to say~"







"That’s cause you’ll eat just about anything Matt~ Which makes me happy to know that you like my baking and cooking."


"Come now, I won’t eat anything. I just… Like properly prepared food, I don’t get it often. Aaaah, but yes… You make bloody amazing food, love.~”

"It’s not that amazing, Matt. It’s decent, not amazing.”

yeah these are great thank you vvery much miss B)

"You’re more than welcome, stranger."

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yes please

"I hope you like them~!"

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"I made some chocolate brownie cookies~ Anybody want some~?"


"Oh, you know I’ll happily take anything you bake.”

"That’s cause you’ll eat just about anything Matt~ Which makes me happy to know that you like my baking and cooking."

"I made some chocolate brownie cookies~ Anybody want some~?"

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A thing about “reblog karma” on this blog


• Reblog the fuck outta shit.

You don’t want to send it? No worries. You don’t know how to make it work for our muses? Totally fine. You’re too shy to send it? I get that.

• Reblog it anyway.

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Revamp: The day they met


Sitting on that step under the awning, Matt was quick to become completely absorbed into his work. With his back turned towards the wind, he hardly even noticed the rain beating down on his back.

Still, he wanted to finish this job as quickly as possible so he could get home and out of the elements. Without completely rushing himself, as the information he was obtaining was important to the Deckers, the young hacker’s fingers moved as quickly as possible, Hell, if he moved any faster, one would almost think his keyboard would catch fire.

So absorbed into getting this finished, Matt didn’t even notice the older girl staring at him from afar. If he did, it certainly would have resulted in an unhappy glare back.

Only when she finally spoke up, did the teen notice her. Not only that, but he promptly chose to ignore her in hopes that she would go away and leave him alone. Oh, he certainly didn’t need some girl pestering him while he worked. He wanted to get this done so he could go home and get out of the rain.

He waited a few moments before looking up again,


She was still there.

This was one of the reasons he didn’t like people. They didn’t know when to go away.

Bloody hell, didn’t this girl know not to just approach strangers in this city? Especially those dressed in gang colors. Not many here were super friendly.

Deciding that the possibility of her going away was worth speaking up, as he’d rather not have some random passer-by watching over his shoulder as he did something that wasn’t quite legal

"What I am doing is none of your business.” He replied, his tone giving a bit of a rude feel.

Nnh… Hopefully I can drive her away. He thought to himself, picking up typing again as his eyes wandered back to his computer screen.

"Oh, I see…. no need to be rude about it though." Fuyumi huffed, now crossing her arms as she continued to watch him type away. "Just was a little curious on what you were doing."

She walked closer to Matt, trying to see exactly what he was doing and finding it rather hard to as the way the cyberpunk was positioned under the awning.

"Soo, why are you even out in the rain? You’re gonna catch a real nasty cold out in it." She asked, now tilting her head curiously. Fuyumi was too far interested in what Matt was doing as her curiosity was taking the wheel in her mind.

"Uh… well, my name is Fuyumi… What’s your’s exactly?" She asked, hoping that he’d spill his name for her or at least talk to her some more. He was so strange typing away at his computer out in the rain under that awning. "Would kinda be nice to know.." Fuyumi continued on, now rocking back and forth on her heels.

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[[ I was going to be on a lot sooner today, but uh well, I’ve been sort of out of it since I only managed two hours of sleep last night.

I’m going to partly work on some replies and see if I can try to finish them and then post them in the morning. o v o;;

sorry about that guys. I know that I owe Sora-mun & Matt-mun a reply, so hopefully those will be dished out tomorrow]]

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